Results of County Track Champs. on Wed 23 August 2006 at Blackbridge Track, Gloucester

Pos Name Club Cat Time
1 Gary HOPE Severn AC SM 32m 13.4s
2 Mike HAGER Tipton Harriers (guest) MV55 32m 27.7s
3 Mike SMITH Bourton RR SM 32m 29.5s
4 Peter STEPHENS Severn AC SM 33m 06.7s
5 Chris ILLMAN Cirencester AC JM 33m 48.6s
6 Carlo TOLEDO Severn AC MV40 34m 33.0s
7 Alistair LOCKEY Bourton RR MV40 35m 25.6s
8 Andy HAWKINS Tewkesbury AC SM 35m 57.0s
9 Rob EDWARDS Bourton RR MV40 37m 02.3s
10 Tony SPEDDING Bourton RR MV50 37m 33.2s
11 Jeremy MOWER Gloucester AC MV40 38m 12.2s
12 Tony GOODWILL Bourton RR MV50 39m 18.3s
13 Norman LANE Bourton RR MV60 40m 41.0s
14 John JAMES Severn AC MV55 46m 28.8s
15 Lynn HUDSON Bourton RR LV50 49m 06.6s
16 Lynn SPEDDING Bourton RR LV45 49m 16.4s
17 Julia RUTHERFORD Bourton RR LV45 49m 18.8s
17 Julia RUTHERFORD Bourton RR LV45 49m 18.8s
17 Chris BENCE Bourton RR MV55 49m 18.8s
20 Gill CARRICK Bourton RR LV45 50m 30.1s
4x100m RELAY (Race 1)
1 Gloucester AC SL 50.9s
2 Forest of Dean AC U17L 55.0s
3 Gloucester AC U15G 55.4s
4 Forest of Dean AC U15G 57.4s
DQ Gloucester AC U13G DQ
4x100m RELAY (Race 2)
1 Gloucester AC SM 46.8s
2 Severn AC SM 46.9s
3 Forest of Dean AC U17M 48.4s
4 Severn AC U17M 50.8s
4x400m RELAY
1 Severn AC SM 3m 38.4s
2 Forest of Dean AC U17M 3m 40.1s
3 Cheltenham & County Harriers U17L 4m 09.9s
4 Bourton RR MV40 4m 28.3s
5 Severn AC U17M 4m 28.3s
6 Bourton RR MV50 5m 26.6s
7 Bourton RR LV45 6m 21.6s
OPEN 1 MILE (Race 1)
1 Tim DALTON Severn AC JM 4m 25.5s
2 Dennis WALMSLEY Bourton RR MV40 4m 52.4s
3 Tom RANDLES Gloucester AC SM 4m 53.2s
4 Mark JAMES Severn AC SM 5m 14.1s
5 Dave GRESSWELL Gloucester AC MV40 5m 17.2s
6 Adele POTTS Stroud & District AC JL 5m 30.8s
7 Geoff TRUEMAN Stroud & District AC MV55 5m 38.0s
8 Sarah HANLEY Stroud & District AC JL 5m 39.4s
9 Lloyd ANDREWS Severn AC SM 5m 49.0s
10 Dave SPACKMAN Gloucester AC MV60 5m 57.8s
11 Joyce BARRUS Cheltenham & County Harriers LV50 6m 20.9s
12 Mike ANDERTON Severn AC MV50 7m 19.1s
OPEN 1 MILE (Race 2)
1 Sam ROBERTS Forest of Dean AC U13G 6m 15.2s
2 Daniel TRUEMAN Stroud & District AC U11B 6m 17.8s
3 Adam FRANKS Bourton RR U11B 8m 04.3s

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