Results of the 2021 SW Counties Track and Field Championship
SwW TF Championships RESULTS as of 19 07[...]
Microsoft Excel sheet [175.4 KB]
Results - Sunday 23rd May 2021
Adobe Acrobat document [632.7 KB]
Results - Sunday 16th May 2021
Adobe Acrobat document [402.8 KB]
The rules for the Track and Field Championships.
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Gloucestershire AAA  will  publish your personal Information as part of the results of the events organised by the association and may pass such information to the governing body or any affiliated or associated organisation for the purpose of insurance,first or medical aid, licences (including disciplinary purposes) or for publishing results either for the event alone or combined with or compared to other events. Data may be used to select entrants to represent GAAA and will be shared with organisations arranging those events. Results may include (but not be limited to) name, any club affiliation, race times and age category.


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